Cane Creek OPT Lever Assembly



Cane Creek’s patented Climb Switch technology has changed the way riders think about suspension. No other shock on the
market offers climbing-specific damping for both compression and rebound. Keeping suspension active while climbing results
in better connection to the trail and increased efficiency without annoying pedal-bob. The Double Barrel in-line valve body was
designed to be retrofitted with a remote accessing the CS feature at the sway of a thumb – never leaving the handlebars.

Introducing OPT – the Climb Switch handlebar remote that is optimized throughout its travel from off to on. Thus giving riders the
option to tune their Climb Switch to their desired riding preference. OPT offers two mounting options (Top or Bottom) to allow for a variety of fitment orientations.



MOUNTING                       Top mount (Cable enters shock mount from the top eyelet side of the shock)
                                           Bottom mount (Cable enters shock mount from stanchion side of the shock)

COMPATIBILITY               DBINLINE  - Fits Top Mount and Bottom Mount

                                          DBCOIL [IL] - Fits Top Mount and Bottom Mount

                                          DBAIR [IL] - Fits Top Mount ONLY (Due to the increased diameter of the LinEair can, DBAIR [IL] is                                                              not compatible with Bottom Mount OPT)

FINISH                             Hard Anodized
                                            Forged Aluminum

PART NUMBER                Top Mount - BAD2102
                                            Bottom Mount - BAD2103

CABLE REQUIRED           Brake Cable and Shifter Housing

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