DVO Diamond Boost Fork


The same Diamond we know and love in a stiffer Boost Chassis. What's not to like? 

The Diamond gives riders total control of their fork without over complicating setup. What really sets the Diamond apart from the competition is the extremely effective yet simple 'Off The Top' (OTT) adjustment. This allows riders to fine tune the beginning stroke suppleness of the fork with a simple external adjustment. Enabling you to compress the coil negative spring to your liking so no matter what air pressure you run, you can set the initial stoke sensitivity how you desire. Furthermore, this adjustment will not sacrifice the support needed in the middle and end stroke.

The damper is also widely adjustable without confusing riders. With six low speed compression settings riders are able to make effective adjustments on the trail. The high speed compression has many more clicks and will be adjusted less frequently, performing flawlessly once dialled in. External rebound adjustment is also offered to make sure the fork is under control and comfortable. 

All this creates into a great top of the line fork, ready to attack any trail you throw at it. For more info: http://www.dvosuspension.com/products/diamond-110boost/ or shoot us an email!


* Brown on special order only, contact us

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