DVO Topaz Air Shock


The DVO Topaz Air Shock is here!

After years of careful testing & development DVO Suspension have released the Topaz air shock to the public. 

If you're riding trails/enduro this is the shock you want. The Topaz has the best small bump compliance you'll find in an air shock on the market. Coupled with externally adjustable High & Low Speed Compression and Rebound Damping, which is also internally tuneable, the Topaz will help you get those extra few seconds you're after.


T3 Compression Adjust: 3 compression settings for traversing, descending and climbing

Rebound damping: 9 clicks of rebound to fine tune your ride

Bladder: This means amazing small bump compliance! No stiction!

High Flow Emerald Piston: Eliminates harshness and delivers dynamic damping

Cooling Fins: Increasing the surface area of the reservoir housing keeps the Topaz running cool even on the longest, harshest runs

Adjustable Air Spring: The positive air canister is easily removed, allowing access to the volume spacers. This allows you fine tune the spring curve and get it running just how you like it

Colors: Black w/ green

Weight: 330g +/-
Sizes: 230mm x 60mm, 230mm x 65mm, 8.5" x 2.5"/216mm x 63mm, 8.5" x 2.25"/216mm x 57mm, 210mm x 55mm, 210mm x 50mm, 205mm x 65mm (Trunnion mount), 7.87" x 2.25"/200mm x 57mm, 7.87" x 2.00"/200mm x 51mm, 7.5" x 2.00"/190mm x 50mm, Specialized Stumpy  197mm x 47.6mm, Specialized Enduro

Mounting hardware not included.

Shipping to Australia only.

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