SAR Racing Springs



SAR "SUPER ALLOY" Racing Springs

All SA RACING SPRINGS are essential if you want to save weight and gain accuracy. Our springs are a similar weight to titanium but not only that, they are within 1.5% accuracy… better than any other spring on the market.

Our POM SPACER holds the spring stable which eliminates shock rub that can be found with lesser quality springs – not only is shock rub damaging to your shock, it is also noisy.

SA Racing Springs are manufactured from a new high tension spring metal, developed within Formula 1 for very high stress applications where dimensions, durability and weight are critical.

Rate range 225lb though to 450lb in 25lb increments with an accuracy that’s with in 1.5% – the rate you buy is the rate you get!

Please specify POM spacer / make & model of shock at checkout, included free at checkout!

ENDURO springs; stroke up to 65mm.

DH Springs, stroke 65mm - 76mm

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